Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Cat Report (W. 2/12-14)

All four cats got walks this morning, and all four gave voice during it. Some (Danali) calmed down after a while and got quieter, others (Sequoia) did not.  My pal Kaboodles and Mr. Danali did the best. 

I brought a small box with some catnip in the bottom, placing it at the bottom of and behind the cat-stand by the door.

SCRUFFS immediately claimed the box as soon as it was put out. Later he shifted over to the top of the cat-stand by the door, where he played the gopher game. Later yet he enjoyed laser tag in the area around the door (Danali watched but did not join in). He's still grumpy. Went in early, of his own accord.

KABOODLE has resumed his old game of burrowing down behind the blankets in his cage, from which he readily emerges when you enter the room. Finding the box occupied, he went into the small stand on the bench that he likes so much, then later inherited the box after Mr. Scruffs had moved on. He objected to going in, as usual, but doesn't hold a grudge.

SEQUOIA went straight for the blankets in the cupboard, her favorite place in the room. She only emerged when made to, at the end of my shift. Sweet and gentle.

DANALI remains calm and collected. He likes laying on the floor best, somewhere around the middle of the room. He asked if he could get into the box, and Kaboddle declined to make it available; later, after K. had moved on, he helped himself -- somewhat to Scruff's dismay, it turned out; apparently Mr. Scruffs thought he held a veto over who cd and cd not get in that box. 

All in all a quiet morning. A number of visitors, but no potential adopters. 

After my shift was done, the new cats arrived, so I got to meet them briefly. BONFILIA is small and sweet, RAM a gentle giant. Both are fairly young cats. So we're now up to six cats (four male, two female). We also got a new donations box.

health concerns: there was dried throw-up (catfood) in the bonded pair's cage. Also, felt to me like Scruffy's getting pretty tubby -- do we need to switch him to a diet catfood as well?

--John R.

POSTSCRIPT: In the delay before I got this posted, our seventh cat has arrived: FAYE, a white calico whom I've not yet met. 

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