Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Channeling Their Inner Nixon

So, here's a story that made my head spin: turns out the NRA (national rifle association) has an enemies' list. Just like the one Richard Nixon had during Watergate. Those on it range from organizations like the AARP and YWCA to individuals like Michael Moore (no surprise there) and Dick Van Dyke. Not to mention some churches, like the Methodists and Episcopals and Evangelical Lutherans and Catholics and the Mennonites.

Seriously, the NRA considers Mennonites a threat?*

Or Peter Bonerz (Jerry the Dentist from the Bob Newhart show)? Pam Dawber (Mindy from Mork and Mindy)? Barry Manilow?

Sean Connery I can see (the man only shoots people in the movies), but Art Garfunkel? Jimmy Carter? Hallmark? Sara Lee?


Here's the link.

*clearly, we Presbyterians are doing something wrong if we're not on such a list. Let's hope our omission was just an oversight.

UPDATE, Monday February 11th
--A piece in today's Huffington Post reports that the NRA has pulled the 494-member 'enemies' list' from their website. Here's the link:

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