Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eight hundred posts.

So, here's a new milestone: I've now been blogging for five years, and in that time have done eight hundred posts (this is officially #801). Not all of these got posted (perhaps one-in-ten never gets finished, or I do finish but think better of sending it out -- esp. those having to do with politics), but still it's a pretty substantial amount of material, and a pretty sustained effort for me.

I'm on my way back home now from a weeklong trip that's included a visit home, a family celebration, guest-of-honor-ing at a new small SciFi/fantasy convention, spending a day with the Dunsany manuscripts in Austin, seeing a few hundred thousand bats, and much more. But for now, it's nice to just sit back and reflect on time passing -- nieces growing up; old friends going grey; research trips revisited a quarter-century later, and the like.

current reading: AMERICAN CAESARS by Hamilton (FDR to GWB), THE HUNGER GAMES by Collins (both as ebooks).

--John R.


Morgan Thomsen said...

Congrats to the milestone! I often enjoy reading your blog posts.

Jason Fisher said...

Well done, John. I've been blogging almost exactly the same amount of time you have (you have two months on me), but you've managed to write hundreds more posts than I have! Hope you keep it up for a long time to come. :)