Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Xians Against Christ (Poke-em-with-a-Stick-Wednesday)

So, I was talking with my friend Steve (hi Stan!) today, and he mentioned an interesting piece he'd linked to on his Facebook page. Since I'm not on Facebook, he forwarded the link to me, and I found the accompanying piece fascinating.

Basically, a massively detailed Pew Center poll on religious affiliations and political views has provided the data that leads the author to conclude that the group most opposed to Christ's teachings are White, Evangelicals Xians.

Blessed are the peacemakers? They've the most pro-war.
Take care of the less fortunate? They've the most opposed to the safety net and poverty-relief programs.
Avoid violence? They've the strongest supporters of gun ownership.
Render unto Caesar? They've the most anti-tax.

--and so forth.

Here's the piece itself. I remember having seen the poll at the time, but I've since lost the link. In any case, I was more interested at the time in its detailed breakdown of denominations and their relative sizes, and so missed the correlations the author's now pointing out.


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