Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sinkhole in Milwaukee

So, last time we were in Milwaukee we were distressed to discover that the house we were married in,* which had the best upstairs flat ever, was being torn down.

Looks like some form of karma struck the neighborhood this past week, since Janice just found the following article about a huge sinkhole opening up at the corner of Oakland & North, a block away from where we lived. Here's the story:

Glad no one was hurt in the incident, but it's an odd feeling to read about a spot I've walked over and driven over many, many times suddenly giving way, having been undercut no doubt slowly by years and years of erosion. I assume this sinkhole more or less connects with the gully just to the south of that. What a mess it must be trying to re-route Lower East Side traffic around that.

--John R.

*eighteen years ago today!

**at the Mythcon I was just at two weekends ago, I learned from Mark Hooker's presentation that what we call "sinkholes" the British call "potholes" -- hence I was amused that here's an example that fits both definitions at once.

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