Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm in Wheaton!

So, last night I arrived for a four-day research trip in the Wade Collection. This one focuses mainly on THE DARK TOWER and Warnie Lewis's diaries, among the many riches (indeed, treasures) they have here.

Tonight I'm taking part in a Hobbit Day celebration at the Wade Center at 7 pm

I'm also going to be interviewed live on the college radio station (WETN) at 7.30 Thursday morning.

Also tonight is the 25th anniversary celebration of The Burrahobbits, the Milwaukee Tolkien Discussion Group I helped co-found not long after the 1983 Marquette Tolkien Conference. I'd love to be there, but couldn't make it work, what with not being able to see well enough to make the (long) drive back in the dark. So near, and yet still so far! Horray, Burrahobbits!

More later.

--John R.

current reading: TOLKIEN: CULT OR CULTURE? by J. S. Ryan [1969]

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