Saturday, January 31, 2009

At the Tobacconist, part two

Here's a transcript of the second half of Lesson Twenty: 'At the Tobacconist' --JDR


The Customer [A. Lloyd James:]: Can you recommend me some pipe tobacco?

The Shopkeeper [J. R. R. Tolkien]: Certainly, sir; mild, medium, or full strength?

ALJ: Oh! -- er -- medium, please.

JRRT: I have a very good mixture of my own; would you care to try it?

ALJ: How much is it?

JRRT: It's a shilling an ounce, sir, and very cheap at the price. I just keep it for my regular customers.

ALJ: Well, give me two ounces, please.

JRRT: Have you a pouch, sir, or shall I pack it up?

ALJ: Put one ounce in the pouch and pack the other . . . thank you.

JRRT: Anything further, sir?

ALJ: Yes, let me have a box of fifty cigarettes.

JRRT: Virginian or Turkish, sir?

ALJ: Turkish, please.

JRRT: Now, this is a very good cigarette, sir. I think you'll like it. Six shillings for fifty.

ALJ: All right, give me fifty. And let me have some matches, too.

JRRT: Yes, sir. One box?

ALJ: Yes, one box. How much is that altogether?

JRRT: Let me see, that's 2/- [two shillings], 8/- [eight shillings], 8/1d. [eight-and-a-penny] in all, sir . . . thank you, sir. Good morning.

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