Thursday, June 26, 2008

How Bad Is It?

So, last night my father-in-law called from Yellowstone, where he's working for the summer, and happened to mention that from the ridge where he was calling he could see smoke from the fires in California.

From Yellowstone. Which is in Wyoming. A state that does not even border upon California.

Granted, you can get a great view from up there, just a few miles from the continental divide. But still.

A bad time to be a wild tree in California.


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Jason Fisher said...

Here in Texas the wildwire threat is pretty high as well, mitigated perhaps only by the fact that we don’t have as many trees as California. To put the current state of the State in perspective: a) a year ago, 99% of Texas was drought-free; b) one month ago, 59% of Texas was in a state of drought; c) today, 95% of Texas is in a state of drought. So, in one year, we’ve gone from 99% drough-free to 95% drought. They’re saying the first half of 2008 may be among the ten driest in history. The San Antonio area has received just under four inches of rain since January 1.

Hot and dry. The Anfauglith comes to mind. :-|