Monday, April 30, 2007

We Buy a New Car

So, after months of planning and years of saving, we finally took the plunge yesterday. We decided about two years ago that both our cars were getting a bit long in the tooth (1992 and 1995, respectively) and, while they were still running well, it was better to make plans to replace them before they started giving out than during or after. Since I work at home and Janice walks to work, this also seemed a good time to start the transition from being a two-car family down to just one. And since we care about the environment and don't think gas is going to get cheaper anytime soon (or indeed ever), a hybrid seemed the way to go. If it'd been available, I would have gone for an electric car, but the US auto and oil industries have made sure between them that that's not an option (see the documentary WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR for the gruesome details). And since we don't need a big car, it essentially came down to three options: a conventional compact (for the comfort factor and proven technology), a Toyota Prius (their smallest hybrid), or a Honda Civic (ibid). In the end we've taken the plunge with the Honda, picking up our new car earlier this evening. There'll be an adjustment period as our resident Luddite (me) gets use to the new touches, but I think we've made a good choice. If nothing else, we've essentially just doubled our gas mileage. Now come the difficult part (stage one) of saying goodbye to one of the old cars.

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